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Promote digital marketing by reviewing the business's customer attraction strategy

In recent years, various digital technologies have evolved and a wide variety of SNSs have emerged, and the way people collect information is expanding in a wide variety of ways. Therefore, as we proceed with our business, it is becoming necessary for companies to change their marketing style from moment to moment.

In my busy daily work, there may be some managers who want to try new methods, whether the conventional method of attracting customers is sufficient.

Shift supports the promotion of digital marketing by organizing the customer base of the business, strategy / planning, creating websites, creating videos on SNS, organizing channels for attracting customers, etc. through a comprehensive marketing strategy support service. I am.

Consultation on how to attract customers on SNS and website construction

If you have any other issues regarding new businesses (especially overseas expansion), please feel free to contact us.

* We also receive consultations from sole proprietors. If you are considering developing your business in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Hearing issues

Business strategy / planning

Organize your issues and worries and consider measures to solve business issues

・ Sorting out issues for new businesses

・ Arrangement of customer attraction channels, etc.

Examination of SNS strategy

We will consider effective methods of attracting customers with tools that attract customers according to the direction of the business and the customer base.

・ Customer attraction tool

Suggestions for using Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Implementation of website / video creation, etc.

Update existing websites or create new ones according to your business and customer base.

Also, when considering media such as Youtube, we will build channels and create videos.

After-sales follow-up

Regularly enter into counseling regarding the status of attracting customers and operational status

We will give advice such as orbit correction



First of all, from free counseling

Flow of the day of counseling

① Self-introduction

② Hearing about the current situation and worries

③ Aburidashi of issues

④ Organize what to do

Proposed over support content

Time required 45 minutes

Location Online (Zoom)

Free of charge

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