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programming for kids
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Course for Adults/Kids

Do you like Anime?
Have you ever think you would like to make 3D animation with your favorite characters? Then, this course could be perfect much with you. You can make a unique world with your favorite characters, songs, and motion. It is not as difficult as you think. You do not need any animation knowledge or skills at this time!

1. 1. Animation Course for bigginer


2 sessions (2hours/session:total 4 hours)


Online: Anywhere in the World
 ※ Zoom held
Offline: Anywhere in Singapore
 ※ orchard, summerset, and Central Singapore Area

Suitable Age
above 10 years old

Required environment

·Computer (Laptop)
·Install MMD(Free Software)

* It is not necessary to install since the beginning. Install together in the middle of the course


$ 70/hr
Total: $280

One on One
One to max 3 pacs

Ideal for people in this course

 The one who is interested in creating 3D animation with your favorite character 

☆ The one who is interested in using MMD(Milku Miku Dance Tools)

​☆   The one who want to learn video editing skills.


Many people in the world love Anime and wish we would make animation with our favorite 3D characters. Computer 3D animation is composed of many steps to create cut by cut. Such as modeling, rigging, creating motion and lip-sink, making CG, digital pictures, animation, lighting, camera setting, rendering, compositing, choose or make music, add effects and sounds, and so on. A lot of work!! So, we think 3D animation is a lot difficult for us. However, We can create 3D dancing animation easier using MMD/Unity. If you are interested in creating animation, you could see the world with us!



Planning for Animation

​Make Concept and Storyboards.

​Make concept and storyboards. 

☆ What is your favorite character?

☆ What is your favorite music and dance?

* We will use provided character/the models that we have, so will not do modeling and rigging in this time. We will not proof you can choose any character as you want, however; We will pre-chat, and tell us your favorite anime and characters(top5), and will look for the character models that you want before the course start.


Select/Create Motion and Background

Install MMD, and learn usage of each tab

You will download MMD(Miku Miku Dance Tools) on your lap-top, and learn how to use. Most of the tab is written by Japanese, So I will explain how to use. Also, You can choose the characters what you favorite (max 3 models). After choosing models, you can select the music and dance motions,  and you can also select the background from 2,000~choices, and you will select the one which much with your image. 



Connect Motion and Models (Rig)

You will install models and motion into the stage on MMD, and connect the rig.

You might be able to choose the motion that you create (using by motion tool and rip-sinking tool).


Create your original world 

Install everything that you select to stage, and compose everything well

Install  many layers with background, models (your favorite character), effects, and  combine the all movements. You might able to learn camera setting if we have time.

Finally, you can create your original world with your favorite character. When you make different kind of version, you can create wonderful world*1.

*1.You can connect different kind of movies with using video-editor(Premier Pro, After Effect, Movavi, etc),


Most of 3D Animation is created by Unity, Unreal Engine(UE), or Blender.


Unity and UE are difficult for children or beginners to handle it, but you can make full-scale of animations by using free software such as MMD.

Let's make your 3D video, and let your favorite character to dance with your favorite song!


Once you could handle with using MMD, then, you can start to learn Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, or Maya. You might think these tools are easy to approach after get used to MMD first.


*Video that you created can be uploaded to YouTube and Nico Nico Doga only if you can followed by the copyright rules.

Make this kind of video!


・ Unity
・ After Effcet
・ Blender
* Some of the materials and models in the video are provided. The original author is listed in the video


・ Unity
・ After Effcet
・ Blender
* Some of the materials and models in the video are provided. The original author is listed in the video


・ Blender
* Some of the materials and models in the video are provided. The original author is listed in the video


* Some of the materials and models in the video are provided. The original author is listed in the video


MikuMikuDance (commonly abbreviated to MMD) is a free software animation program that lets users animate and create 3D animated movies, originally produced for the Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku

The software allows users to import 3D models into a virtual space that can be moved and animated accordingly. The positioning of the 3D figures can be easily altered, the facial expressions can be altered (as long as the model has morphs to use), and motion data can be applied to the model to make it move. Along with these functions for models, accessories, stages, and backgrounds can be added to create an environment, and effects such as lens flares and AutoLuminous 

 quote: "Wikipedia -Miku Miku Dance"

What is MMD?

Michie Y

Hi, I'm Michie, and teaching and working with video editing and 3D graphics for the last 2years and helping people to make own movies or video. I have a passion for art , for teaching and helping people to not only learn but have a fun experience while creating their world. MMD 3D program is my favorite course to teach beginners and students. 

I love art, and graphics, and  anime, originally from Japan. I love helping people and having fun time together to create original world.  Look forward to seeing you!

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